It is worth to Health! As the Alliance Assist company, we offer you our medical services with space options. As to the medical experts, a number of health services may be implemented without ambulatory. This consequently makes positive influence to the quality of the service. The patient uses relevant medical service in the relative and comfortable place, garden, and transport without losing time. Our company offers analogous services for the first time in our country. Mycare undertakes the mediation, management character function in respect thereof. Our main priority is the customer satisfaction. We have all possibilities, material technical base and specialist potential in order to achieve it.

It is possible to understand the character and aim of our service from the meaning of its name. Mycare – my care. As the Alliance Assist, the services we offer to you and your relatives with care conform to all period of your life. Our services are divided into 4 groups:

1. Medical service in the house.

2. Medical service in the work.

3. Care to mother and child.

4. Extra medical services.

Alliance Assist