Individual Medical Assistance

7/24 Call Center

You can contact with our call center, according to the services presented to you by us, all the days of the week from 09:00 to 18:00.
Phone: (+99412) 409 99 11, (+99412) 409 09 11
Mobile: (+99451) 409 99 11

Online Consultation

You can be advantaged from the online consultation services via phone. Our professional doctors will answer all your health care questions and you will be given the necessary advice.

Medical service at home and in the workplace

In order to protect the health of people, the organization of treatment started in the hospital and will be continued in the home environment and the treatment of hard bed patients is very important. As Alliance Assist, we organize this service in accordance to international standards.

Tele Consultation

Choice of Hospital and Doctor

For more effective implementation of inspection and treatment, the experienced specialists of our company, will recommend to you clinics and doctors in Azerbaijan, as well as outside the country.


Check-up is indispensable for the detection of pre-disease risk factors that may cause in future. Alliance Assist is able to organize your check-up in the most trusted medical centers in Azerbaijan and outside of the country.

Organization of Check-Up at home and in the workplace

Alliance Assist offers to you home and office check-up packages. We guarantee to provide high-quality medical service of our partners.

Getting a second opinion

If you are not satisfied with the process of treatment, or there is any doubt on diagnoses, our service will eliminate it. Mymediks , will be your helper in taking the opinion of the alternative doctors and in specifying diagnoses. Meeting with expert doctors can be organized whether in the country, as well as outside the country.

Concessions in the Hospitals

Our customers will get special concessions at medical centers that we cooperate. Our members will get concessions in the objects which surround all the areas of medical sectors . Also for members among specialist doctors, meetings are held on the basis of choice and requests.

Organization of Medical Services

We can carry out the creation of a medical center in the enterprises, agencies and organizations, to monitor the health status of employees .


Considering the personal medical information of our clients, they can be controlled systematic individually, by phone, sms, or e-mail. Reminder and surveillance services are performed by a team of hospital nurses who are under control of doctors. In other words, we can prevent patients carelessness towards them and provide their sustainable health.

Organization of treatment abroad

If you have any serious problem in your health, Mymediks is able to organize the treatment in any leading medical centers of the world. Translating medical documents into foreign languages, the visa issue is resolved by Mymediks. Mymediks is able to provide samples of laboratory analysis in Europe's leading laboratories and the results home delivery.

Control of treatment costs

Alliance Assist will provide reconciliation of real need and costs of accounts and unnecessary expenses will be prevented by the specialists.

Control of service quality

The quality of medical services which are presented to you in the clinics by Alliance Assist specialists will be controlled.

Medical database

All information, even small details related to your health, will be noted by us. The results of analysis and treatment of you and your family members will be archived. So no matter what country you are in, this information can be sent to health enterprises situated in Azerbaijan, as well as outside the country during 7 days / 24 hours without a time limit.

First aid

Our customers can take advantage of ambulance and emergency medical services during 7 days / 24 hours.

Medical escort

We provide our customers with the car, which is provided with all medical devices from one place to another.

Organization of air ambulance

We provide the patient’s transportation by helicopters and aircraft with essential medical devices.

Alliance Assist